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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 15, 2022 11:00pm-11:58pm PST

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the holidays fox weather weathering it together. >> are we there yet. what an hour. we enjoyed it. if you've been watchingey the whole time, we sure were appreciate your patience. >> if you justhe whole dropped n to watch sean hannity, the good news is he's right here. and welcome to hannity. and breaking tonight, w bureaucratelcomes at the nationy archives are ready and willing to release hundreds of pages of emails about zero experienced biden and the millions of dollars he was paid forn by sketchy foreign nationals. there's one person standind the. the way, the big guy himself. we've got a full report tonighte . also, israeli's incoming primeai minister benjamin netanyahllu. m he will be here with morewill
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on what will likely be a pretty contentious relationship with joe biden, especially if he pursueswien, if he a deal wk and later, formeerr republican speaker of the house . this is so pathetic. havi emotional breakdown in public. this time.s back he is back in washington, d.c. ,literally weeping and groveling and praising nancy pelosi, crying, crying, crying. every time i'vcryinge been aroud this guy in my life, he smellskw like cigarettes and red wine. don't all why? anyway, we begin tonight with a giant seafaring mammals. you can see in front of you the north atlantic right whale. never heard of it before, but there it is anyway.there apparentlyit, joe biden cares so deeply about these majestic beasts that he's now prepared to wreck the maritime industrycs from florida to massachusetts in order to protect the whale. heho has a new regulation from the white house. it's designed to prevent boats from accidentally hitting north atlantic right whales that
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would restrict the speed of all boats over thirty five feet to ten knots, or the equivalenti of 11 miles peler hours, up to e hundred miles from the coast. now, keep in mind, there have only been five deadly whale strikes by boats in the pasts 15 years. t five , that's it.he there's never been a confirmeddn whale strike in a federal channel, if you will .ill. now, if this new regulation goes into effect. well, expert effecs are warningb port traffic will be crippled. the fishing industryippled i wie destroyed, human lives will be put in danger, and many boats can operate safely in the open ocean at 10 knots. now, of course, betweenn the the border crisis, afghanistan, the crimsses afghae crisis and s effort to protect a few whales, well, human life always seemse to now take a backseat inckseat the biden administration. iyingand , of course, they'reth worshiping at the altar of the climate cult, in this case,
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saving whales that are not evenr really being killed. takes priority. >> now, just this week, biden al pledged to use 8d billion you dollars, your money, eight billion with a b to shut down coal fired power plants in africa. the continent barely has enough reliable and affordable energyia as it is . and as things stand now, well,al africans will suffer if thesear power plants are shut down.. an to care. he only wants to appease the climate religious cult. and he's more than willing t to use your hard earned taxo do du this week, during meetings with world leaders ine bide washington, d.c., joe biden n hd this to say to his african counterparts. >> take a look. we celebrate an africandiaspo diaspora community inra the united states military strong pulling in americaerican s and the united states togethef in a tight embrace of family. >> >> all right.there and went downhill from there with the joke about poor peoplee
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and several other puzzling moments. pung moments. as i told some of you, you invited me to your countries. i shoulduntry i be careful whau wish for because i may show upaa . the poor relatives always show up. the wealthy was neveshow up.r t. >> common they eat your food, stay longer than they should.t prosperous africa deal room. >> that sounds like something this shouldn't be saying. you know, prosperous delaram. i kept asking where's the where's the deal room? all the members. congress, please stand up here so i can identify who you are. there's a man. all right.e i'm sure you're out therei sa somewhere. i said the top of this forum about closing deals and we've delivered so just give me a few days, give you a few highlightse from the deaall room to theranc benefits they will deliver to africa. cisco systems and cyber cyber
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diaspora owned small businessly is jointly announcing 800 $ million dollars a new contract. >> and remember, this is the same guy that's not going to go to the southern border because he's way too busy. he tells us jobs, more important things to do, like suing the state of arizonat for attempting to secure its portion of the borderntaine with shipping containers. in other words, yorsu have-- h the governor of arizona doingoto his job and jowie now suing because he's doing his job. that makes any sense. now, the biden administration biden adwants this makeshiftt ts wall removed immediately so it's easieeshift wr for more ilt immigrants to cross. and this comes, by the wayhiay weaway are six days away from titlem week and by the way, that's next week that will spark a new wave of mass illegal migration,- an immigration into this country. the state of our border has never been worse. the security risk, terrorism,ga, drugs, gangs, afentanyl, heroin
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. let's see, human trafficking, all these criminals, everything's getting worse every single day. but that's apparentl y news to karine jean-pierre, because today white house press secretary praised her boss for working hard on the border. that's lik on the saying the boo is secure. rdook. >> take a look. we are not asking for political stunts. we continue to see political stunts frosem many republicans out there.go and that's notin how we'reg goo to fix this issue. -- they they want to they wantt to secure the border. we've beento doing that work on our own. what americans should know is that the presiden.thet has d
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next. somethelite house is saying, well, if the border is going to get fixed, immigration is going to get fixed. then needs to act. y he but we heard from the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, toda ofy that they're not going to act for the remainder of this democratically controlled congress. she saidr of it's tied up in the courts. i know that officials here tha t i talked to would rather be talking about the economy. they would rather be focusinbe g on the economy then immigration. they think that pulls back them upt they the with that nationaln in the economy is higher than immigration. but there is a potential for a real problem here.
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next week.t and it's not like this is a surprise. it's not something happened that they didn't know was coming. we've know was cominn this titl. forty two deadline is coming for months. >> and there is in theory, i've seen some headlines. it says the white house is scrambling to come up with with answers and a plan.bu but i'm not feeling kind of anem urgency, at least not here in the press room. >> so, no, i don't think we're going to see it at all. what all we have witnesseds is t is the aidinheg and abetting ofn lawbreaking.s into the country,n given free biden phonesd then and then g you are the one that got the answer, i believe, from jen psaki. e early morning flights at 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. to obscure t mef all ask you another question. we're going to go deeper into this later in the show. the biden administration saidwo they would be the mostbe transparent ever.
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so they have an opportunity nowt to release the informationin regarding hunter and verismo thatg that's the energy company in ukraine. we're getting any answers as to whether they will allow that information to go public or are they going to be lacking in transparency? >> well, i can report thate. across the driveway across west acver in the eisenhower executive office building. there is a growingroway acro of basically a big legal teamle tht has some press folks. they have some legal experts and they are preparing to dealgn with congressional investigations once comar and companies start sending over subpoenas. and so i would subpoen expect in the new year that we'll get something regarding thoset topics. i don't know if we'll get everything while joe biden whis president afterbu he's president, but it does seem like they are putting in a placree a structure different than what we have seen so far . what we've seen is that the press officials say, well, that under biden's a private han
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citizen. >> peter , hang on, g on .room a is this the war room? jonathan turley was talking earl about who was on this program earlier this week. ier thisuland that would be to r or maybe intimidate witnesses or intimidate investigators or intimidate members of the pressa that mightte, in fact,l lot of be pointing out the fact that hunter made an awful lot of money with no experience. admittedly, for example, in for the case of ukraine, or inundera energy, as i understand it. it,a is that is something hunter whde sn is doing on his own outside of the white house. this is an official taxpayer whated effort to field what's coming. and they know it'sming comin, ag because right after the midterms, the republicans went to the microphone and they ssaid, these are our priorities these are going to be the investigations. i , kevin mccarthy, as he tries to become the speaker, is saying thate speake if he dot become the speaker, then these investigations are not going to happen. subpoenas aren't going to go out. and so there is a hunter specific one , wherever ite is c is that he's camped out.
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and there is a white house by the administration specific effort that is more later,effort whethe tr but but james culmer,s the congressman, said that thist is an investigatiohen intodent the president. not not.t. the presidentpres, yway pet joe biden. anyway, peter does a great job,, as always. if in't see you don't see you. merry christmas, my friend, and get your dad a new sweater or something like that forinking christmas. i think i like that. lat. i will. all right. thank you. joining us now, fox news contributor ari fleischer, former whitefresher house chiew staff mark meadows and former senior adviser to presidens,tle steven miller. steven miller, i look atk at the the chaos on the border and i see no effort at all whatsoever.effort at all whatsor to stop the influx of illegal immigrants sometime by the end of this year. the two years that biden's beenn president , we will have between four and five million t illegal immigrants entering this country. can this country withstandcan tt ? >> no. the country can't withstand half a version. a
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and that's the four to five million the border patrol knowsd of a b. as you know, there's millions more that go into this country that are completely undetectedee . and so we have no idea how manyd illegal immigrants have beenea added to the population because border agents have been pulled off the line into a processing and transportation job, but transported where, sean?not not back to mexico, not back to central america. ica, notand not back to their he countries transported all throughout the united states . the only planning this white now,e is doing right now is figuring out how to release more illegal immigrants more quickly with the new coming rush that's headed and descending on our country. you know, what does the country really want? an administration that is regulating how fast a boat will go to save a whale, of which we've only lost five , doe 15 years. does america really want to spend billions of dollars shutting down coal plants in
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south africa? >> do werica do really want toy the billions of dollars to do that of course, we don't want to do that. john , you know, when yotu start to look at it, this is a regulator in search of a problem. when we start looking at and regulating the speed of boats because of speed potentiai problem, this is virtue. signaling is wha is .t is this is the administration trying to get out and say, oh,sa we're going to be concernedconcr about whales. but but inne truth, we'r e all concerned about whales. but this is no tt going to solve the problem. so what do they do? they give the second virtue's signal and they send eight billion dollars of the american hardworkingars to american taxpayer dollars anotfrica to get them off of coal. and that's not bad enough. it's another two2 billion thab they're sending to angola to have solar panels. where will that to be and end up in the hands of the chineseap that will probably supply the solar panels. . it's it's just too much
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to believe. but yet we continue to see it. we'll see more of it. as joe biden gets ready for his reelection campaign. ari fleischer, there's going to be two major investigationshe and then there will be other investigations as well. some of the otheril investigations will be the origins of covid , withdra the disastrous withdrawal from afghanistan. but two big investigations seem to be coming from house e oversighcomingt. and that's jim comar. and he's going to be lookinge sd into he said t the president himself and hunter biden, that would be ukraine. money's made kazakhstan, china, bu said over 50 countries they've done business with . >> and whether or not there was influence peddling, that is in conjunction with the judiciary committee investigation that's h led by jim jordan into whether or not the fbi has been politicized and the dojonize. is weaponized. how impactful do you ho think those committees will be? >> i t all depends. o there's been a history of
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investigations deflating because people go toigationso ft they make accusations for whichr they don't have evidence. and there's a tendencye' fortheh republicans, i'm afraid, to say it's shawn to speak in shorthand and not full sentences about benghazi, benghazi, benghazi, without explaining what the culpability of hillary clinton was when it came to benghazi.. and i will give republicans a warnin i will give republicans a warning here right now. n huis cannot be an investigation into hunter biden.nt no one cares about the behavior of a president's child.d, it i is ant isd must be ane an investigation into joe republicans shouldn't even usene word hun the word hunter. abo this is about. all right.e biden honesty, a let me interrupt you there. joe bidendn lied. whether joe biden, whetherdeceid joe biden deceived the american peopleople whe when he saidik is contradicted by texts and photos and emaile tes on a laptop, whether joe biden lieddi about not knowinedg about his son's business deals. >> this joe , joe , joe ,de didn't joe biden leverage a billion taxpayer dollars? didn't hunter go on "gma" ?that h e and admit he had no experience in oil, energy, gas, ukraine
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and was being paid millions,s? anns of got to be joe biden and hunter biden is just evidence that's all he is . but joe's the one. the sequence leveraged a billion taxpayer dollars. >> joe was.e leverage that's right. axpayer and that's where the fos to be. but my point here, sean,to the is when it comes to the communications of an investigation, republicans have to be very specific. it's about the president'ss behavior, not his child's behavior. the president's behavior,er the the president's lies, and whether the president pr. as a >> how does the unitedor states senator afford a beach house in rehobotfrom fh? how does he afford that house? i couldn't afford a beach housei in rehoboth when i was do yo on the government payroll. >> how did he get one?get on waats it the family that gave hm money from all the business deals that joe biden denied? that's what this is about. >> all about joe biden,jo i think.e bi well said. all o beguys, it's going to be anix interesting year. six days title. forty .l for who's upbe? let's see what happens. thank you all for beingme bac with us. when we comek, back , biden didpromis promise transparency
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will follow through on a ansparencyrough ondiscussion wio so a is hellow going to allow the national archives to release the documents relating to hunter and verismodg ? and why die ofd he leveragers t a billion taxpayer dollars to get that prosecutor fireds sa that was investigating his son ? and also, we'll check in with incoming israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu for an exclusive one on one interview. and a new explosive go p house report on the origins of covid. what does it say, clay? travis gordon chang, a busy news night. >> stay with us. and greetings to you. >> thrill seekers, conversationalists and music lovers all across the aisle be full and optimistic and plain. it's the rush limbaugh program here on the excellence broadcasting network.
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join me and lear n more at help. >> mde delord today. thank you. >> weaponizes doctors live in manchester, omya in new york , and president biden's plan to end the trump era remain in mexico. policy is on hold for now. a federal judge in texas ruling legal challenges must be played out before can be lifted. and the policy, which was enacted in 2018 asylum seekers, were sent to mexico to await proceedings in their case, the supreme court ruled in june that biden could end the policy. the senate completing two big votes thursday night, averted a partial government shutdown this weekend with a one week extension of federal government funding. it gives lawmakers additional time to pass a massive spending
11:26 pm
bill . senators also approved a record eight hundred and fifty eight billion defense spending bill and includes a four point six percent pay hike for troops and rescinds in military vaccine mandate. ashley strohmeyer and backdeo ge to hannity. hyatt, >> right now, a big breakingg story out of washington whereona the national archives wants to release hundreds of pages orf emails about hunter biden and his shady dealings holdi with purisma holdings. now, will the biden white housew welcome the transparency? they said they were going to ber transparent. they told you the american sooplean would be anyway. so what was biden and his son up to ? up to th in ukraine?n why would joe biden leverage a billion dollars of your money to get a prosecutor in ukraine fired? and they only had six hours- thy to do it. and son of a b, they did it was because he was investing his zero experience son . anyway, you might remember it
11:27 pm
was joe biden bragging aboutal all of this, getting the prosecute or fired. on th bue t then, of course, on the other end of this, he's saying, oh, my son and i,y we've never had any discussion a about any any of hisbout a foren business dealings. >> not one word, never, everno about anything anyway. anyway so so they promised will they follow through? use, d we've reached out to the white house and biden's lawyer for comment. m a la we ask them a lot for comment. they never get back to us. him not sure why. here with reaction, fox news o legal analyst greg jarrett, along with former florida forme attorney general pam bondi. pam, i'll start with youat.torny so i'm very in particular, it'sr really interesting to me. t amoo it's not the most amount ofthin money, but i think the mosk tht information. we've got joe biden bragging about leveraging a billion taxpayer dollars to get a prosecutor fired. then prosecutor hunter, if you , went on "gma" and theya specifically asked him, do you have any experience in energy? know any experiencergye in oil a
11:28 pm
gas? no. any experience in ukraine?s? no. why do you think you have paid millions? he said, i don't knodw. and then the interviewer said,ye well, maybe because your dadas i was in charge of policy in ukraine. probably so. isn't he almost admitting thatet that is using his influence or peddling his influence because he has nothing else to offer insurance and he had no>> yes experience in natural gas in the energy industry? and he made millions of dollars at the same time in 2014. you vice president biden, as you said, led the foreign policy with ukraine. so that's why this one word, purisma, is so important, because it was corrupt by all accounts.l accounts, th the ukraine and ukraine had criminal investing for money laundering against them. we know thatgainst hunte tr bidn business partner met with joe biden in the white house. then two days later, hunter day biden quietllay goes on the boad
11:29 pm
of this corrupt company. barack obama making millions ofa dollars. and as you said, thers n the vice president leverages a billion dollars, a billion in loan guarantees to ukraine unless the prosecutor is fired. the prosecutor s fired, and then the case disappears and the canns are released to ukraine. this is sort of a clancy novel. you can't make this up and , you know, very smart.a smaller maybe a smaller company, but millions of dollars are involved.the and this is really the tip of the iceberg. then we continue on with other counly members in china and other countries as well. so thiell --s emails are vitally important. if we i can't think of a more clear cut example here. he's admitting on national tvnan has no experiencale at all, buta he's being paid millions. his father is in charge ofy policy regarding ukraine. he leverages a billion dollars, demandanyms a prosecutor get fid . isn't this the classic?
11:30 pm
influence peddling? because what else is hehe off offering ukraineer? >> what else does he have to offer? there's no expertise there. >> no, it's obvious to all.s and it's a crime to confer a benefit to a foreign government in exchange for something of value. that's money, your son. and if you know, if biden tries to use executive privilegee pril to hide these documents, that in itself would be an abuse of privilege, relates to confidential advice that, if disclosed, would impair government functions. well, that that has nothing t whatsoever to do with briskman and hunter biden. al there's no confidential information there. and rememberon , the u.s. supreme court in the seminole case, u.s. versus nixon, in a unanimou s decision said you may not use executive privilege if it relates to evidence corresponding to a crime or a criminal investigation. here, of course, you've go invel
11:31 pm
a criminal investigation by biden's doj and a hunter biden for corruption, influence peddling, fraud,pe know money laundering, a variety of things. >> all of which documents suggest implicate joe biden's if he tries to hide thesede the documents by executivese privilege. hee hasha absolutely nos legal basis to do it. >> pam, isn't this why, is congressman jim kharma, who is investigating all of this this and by the way, it's iant goes well beyond ukraine, as you mentioned. it goe s to russia, goe to kazakhstan, it goes to china. james colmer said it goes up to 50 countries, but isn't this now the reason why culmer is saying this is an investigation intoof the the president of the united states ? he didn't say hunter.w hu nontw hunter is involved, but hd said our investigation will be about the president. certainly it is , john .
11:32 pm
and again, hunter had noerience experience. we all know why huntery hunter with being paid by this corrupts company. and we also know remember an t emaihatl was released.e it was self serving to the state department at the time, but it was vert the y importantt because it was john kerry's stepson who said, i wants part nothing to do with my business partners, devin archer and hunter biden. archerany more because what thes doing is not right. therefore, the secretary ofkneww state knew what was goinhag on , the the vice president had to havett known what was going on . and so that ties him into alloni this. that's why the investigation is about him, because he was the sitting vice president oftet the united states at the time laen all thi the time whens hap >> and , greg, i'll give youdiao the last word. will the media be forced? to cover us ? i couldn't believe duringelieve the president. well, president trump' durings u impeachment over ukraine that we kept bringing this issue up . nobody in the media seem to care. will people care now? ere peopwill they pay attention? >> the media probably won't. y
11:33 pm
they continue to protect joe biden. and the irony and hypocrisy of all of this should be lost on no one biden weapon. iis the doj to go after trump's documents under the presidential records act, scoffed at executive privilegewo . executive now he wants to us privie execue privilege and the act itselfge f to hide his own documents.n do he promised his would be thet most transparent presidency in american history. residencin fact, it has turned t to be the most opaque. >> all right, great. pam bondi, thank you.njamin now, benjamin netanyah nu is now set for the third timeme israe to become israel's next prime minister. right now, he's currently in talks to build his governing c coalition. he's pledging to goveroaon in in the interests of all and meanwhile, netanyahus. is also calling on the biden administration to reaffirm their relationship adminis witho saudis, warning of the dangerste to the wild swings in that relationship anyway. >> here to explain so much more , the author of bibi
11:34 pm
my story, incoming israeli prime ministerory,, lon- the longest serving prime minister in israel history, iny, benjaminamin netanyahu. mr. prime minister, it's great t to be able to callto be that oe again. i thought we had wild electionsn here in the states, but i thinkl israel tops all, what,electi five elections in three years. >> well, we've become jum a juggernaut of innovation on a global scale, as you know, innoe technology. but it seems to me thacht wegy e doing this, the instability off politics. d to saypo thata the people of israel gave me a very strong vote of confidence. we vote of confide have an elect finally decided the impacts that we had and the israeli political system. and we're movingstem. ahead for the benefit. as you rightly quoted, allightly qisraelis and for peace and security in our region and for the alliance between israel and america. >> i don't think the relationship between israelr and the us was stronger than w when you were primas stre minisr
11:35 pm
and donald trump was. president . that in, of course, the embassy got moved to jerusalem from tel aviv. n that's when president trump recognized israel's right, an to the golan heights. and you had a great partnership . >> something else happen. the united states ,s the israelis, the jordanians, the saudis, e j.d.the emirates,l united against iranian hegemony . times tha i've said many times that youvea have always been the voicelway f moral clarity against radicalism in the mideast. you remain that that sole voicee yet again. >> today, however, there are more people jumping on board fearful of an iran with nuclear. weapons. this is precisely true. too i think the rise of iranian aggression in iranian power, its quest foaggressir nuclear ws threatens the entire world. they chant deathtire to israel, death to america and all i the infidels infideln between, n
11:36 pm
their view. so blockin sog them was important i to is continually important in of or to assure the peace of our region, the peace of the world. but alongside the rise ofe rise iranian power, came the rise ofo israeli power. i talk in my book how wesform is transformed israel from a socialist economcialisy to onf the most robust free market economies in the world. we expanded our intelligencewe capabilities, our cyber capabilities, and as a result, another thing happened alongside with the threat of iran, and that is theb the change in the way that arab leaders began to look at israel, no israet as their enem, but is their indispensable allyn to curb iraniasabln aggressionb and also to benefit their people from our incrediblele from technolot created the background for the ibrahim accords, which wasf achieved with the help of president trump and his team. accoso we madep an four historic
11:37 pm
peace accords that i believe more are in the offing. the rish regime that could threaten the peace of the entire planet. thand the second, the rise of a peace treaties that could torve both to stave off aggression, but also to offer fl a better future for all. and basically, i'm coming back to office to advance both goals like iran, expand the peace. ch mr. prime minister, i hop.e people do have a chance to picko up your book about your life. what an incredible life you've d led . part of an elite military force, along with your brother. your brother was killed atas kie the rate at entebbe. y is your life story is phenomenal. the longest serving primeck for minister in israeli history. and now back for a third a time we we really appreciate you being out on the world stage and steadfastly sticking up foru that moral clarity that i think the world needs to adhere to . mr. prime, minister, thank you for being with us. >> thank you, sharon.>> t i lovehank your talk to you.
11:38 pm
i'll send you a new one in, i although it might get you in trouble in israel, i don't know. >> butbut anyway -, hey, what c? >> thank you. si sir. all right.eport fr now, an explosive new reporthous from house republicanse on the intel committee alleging that there are indications that the covid origins could be tiedc to china's bio weapons program. their research program, and then spilled over during some sort of incident at juhan virology lab. now, the report also criticizes the intelligence community for downplaying possible links between covid and china'schina' bio weapons program.s shown you on thisas program night after night, mr flipflop fauci himself was warned back in february of 2020 about the evidence supporting the lab leak theory. but publicly he was downplayan that information. and we knew the american people deserve transpac mercy on the origins of this viruss that's killed over a millioner i
11:39 pm
americans. we need accountability from china and our own public health officials, officials who have not been honesteen hone with the american people. anyway, here with reaction, china expert react gordon changk along with the founder travisthe gordon. i'll start with you. the reality is , i mean, this simple, basic common sense. sens we all knew that coronavirusessh research was being done in whe the human virology, that we all knew gain of function research was being done there. we knothat felt w fauci knew all that was happening. yet the nih funneleds ha money through the eco alliance group health alliance, and they sentdt it over to this virology. w first of all, why would one american cent be spentla on any lab in china when it's a hostile regime? s to the united states? >> why would we give themthem a anything? and we what we certainly shouldn't have and we got to remember the context for this , sean. in 2014, the obama administration put a moratorium
11:40 pm
on the federal funding of gain of function research because it was too dangerous. . so what did dr. fauci ,nati national institute of allergyon and infectiousale of a disease well, it shipped it off to china. that was unjustifiable.that wast was dangerou that was dangerous. know and we knothw that fauci hastheo committed perjury twice beforeet the senate last year because there are two publisheyeard scientific papers that specifically acknowledge fundin ers thatg from dr. falsies institute. and they are writtenan by researchers at the u.s.and dd institute of allergy and they describe gain of function research, open and shut case. i look at this and really angers me because they're insulting the american people's intelligencean peopl. ely came oh, this is less likely came from a wet market. n and now thatow we have the opportunity and have had the opportunity to look at nihol officials and their emails, they were told early on that it was likely a virus manipulated in a lab. l they kneabw at the human viroloy lab was involved and theyd to b
11:41 pm
knew that the likelihood had to be very high.e very high, but they purposely but the didnl the american people.felt and fauc si is in some circles looked at as a folk hero of some kind. >> i don't get it. w yo nou ar, you're a hundred perceni right. onis is one of many things that the house republicans have to shine the light on when they take power in january on. and remember, they've had years to find this hosta animal thatis allowed, if this is your theory, right, that that allowed this transition to occur and they have been able to find it anywhere. meanwhile, all , of the evidenceto and a lot of the evidence that we're never going to see, remember has totally been destroyed. and there's clearyns in why dr. fauci would be lying about thisr and why the emailsni would suggest that there is a cover up here, because it is an explosive and destructive story . if our american taxpayer dollars were being used, as i
11:42 pm
think gordon thinks, and i think in many and you, sean, usr and many people out therenow be watching us right now believe that it was american taxpayerlee that unleashed covid udph upon on the world through chinesescad research when this escaped fromh a chinese lainb and the fact tht the chinese immediately covered it up, the fact that dr up, tfact tha. fauci and hise of nih also worked to helpid to cover this up.gordon i agree with gordon. thi i think thernke should be be criminal charges broughtiminl against fauci for perjury. cavid i think the house of's per representatives, when they takei over republicans need to maks e this a primary focus and i believe in the years drci s. faucaii saintly status,n with far left wing imbeciles wearing three masks, is goingths to collapse because this guy is one of the biggest liars in american bureaucratic history. and , oh, by the waytory, also by the time he retires, sean, the highest paid taxpayer funded employee in our entirevee government, it's an absolute farce. ntute fait's a disgrace. hope ae it's a disgrace.
11:43 pm
and i hope all the things you lay it out does, in fact,you pe happen.oplo my favorite are watching people alone in a carne icar dr, drivie in a car with a mask on , which makes no sense to anybody ord an somebody outside in an open op field. en field by thby themselves witk on makes no sense. anyway, thank you. we appreciate it, gordon. thank you. clearly and a play. will t we appreciate you being with us. when we come back ,k john boehnr john boehner paying tribute to nancy pelosi, his old buddyh in washington, d.c., crying like a baby, as per usual. we've got the tape and jimmy failla. >> he has his reaction straight ahead.d. the ministry of changed the world forever. it's one thing to read about the life of , but to make the story of truly come alive. i knew i had to see for myself what better place than a star
11:44 pm
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conversations and save lives. because whatever you grow will save abreau. learn more at movember .com. all right. now, former house speaker right now republican john boehner burst into tearsspeake. d he dit oh, what a shock. he's always crying. hes yesterday while he was praising the outgoing speaker, nancy pelosi, attgoi a portraitng unveiling ceremony. >> take a look at the cry, baby . you've been unfeeling, n grac gracious, gracious to me, to myl family. and frankly, my team here in washington. and madam speaker,n i have to say, my girls told me, tell this speaker how much we admireh
11:50 pm
her 5% job.u can >>te my girls, your democrats, how is that possible? guy ever become guy speaker? that was the guy that was the face of the swamp f republican leadership. and for whatever reason, hee wih never stopped crying. all right.this here with much more on this and so much more folks acrossimf america, host jimmy failla is with us . okay, so i knew this guy.iew an met terviewed him a numberd of times, met him a number of times.m a number of times jimmy, jimmy , i've never met him a single time where he did notct reek of cigarettes and red wine and bad red wine at that. i mean, what is this crybabyoute routine? i can't take i?t. t
11:51 pm
well, yeah. i mean, that was my immediatebar takeaway, is that john boehner doould stick to doing what he does best, which is daych is dadrinking. an that' i mean, come on , man. sean, that's him. he says in january , although i understand he's in the weed business. yeah, he's got tha weeton?t goia too. maybe he lit hittl a little bite that stash before the speech. but here's the thing. thesean. that's that speech shows you justus how swampy the swamp is . and what i mean by that is it's really pro wrestling. do you remember growing up if you went to a pro wrestlingg ma match, the ultimattch,e warriore fans fought the macho man'sth fans in the parking lot while the ultimate warrior and the macho man went out to and h together. ad and had a good time. and that is the establishmentesa blisall the voters are fighting each other in the parking lot a and they go down the k streetane together and have a lobbyist dinner and sell out the country. whoop de do. and that's exactly what that is . all right. i need to vent to you about something else. so, you know, apparently. twenty eight million people watch this this stupid series with megan and harry. ople tha
11:52 pm
okay, now, these are two people that say they want privacy. they live in montecito, california. and santa barbara, one of most the most expensive places to ever liveex eve. h, they live next to oprah.e way op by the way, oprah has a mansion there. now, they say they want privacy, but then they go on oprah show and do a special. they say they want privacy, butt then they're writingin a book. they say they want privacy. and now all they do is put out a docu series that goes on atn nauseum. au yoseu knowam f, for six long eps . that doesn'tat sound to me like people that want privacy. that sounds to me like peoplem that want attention. and i'm sick o gettinge the attention. if t no, 100% i agree. i mean, if they really wantedthw privacy, they would get a prime time show on cnn. but stick with me. i'm sure i'm with you there, but stick with me because nobody has whine.d more and contributed less than harry
11:53 pm
and meghan like you think about what tone deaf idiots these people are, sean, 60 5% of america is living paycheck to paychecg paychek and they wao feel bad for them becausethe they heard some foul language in the limo ride to the private jet. like, do they have any self awareness? these nope, these people aren't even real royals, sean. they're like kansas cityreal roh . give me a break.e and the only way harry is ever i wearing a crown is if he has a birthday party at burger king. just shurger king.t up and go a. by the way, i'm sure you arepoi part of the save the whalevement movement by five whales die in 15 years, and now nobody can ride their boat faster than, what, ten miles an hour? >> that makes a lot of sense. me oh, man. the thing about the bide thinngt ratiadministration, it drives ma crazy is they don't understand the industries they're trying to regulate. if biden opened up d a division of marriage counseling, heo.j. would put oj in charge.n ch oh, likearge straight showing they don't know what they'reli doing.
11:54 pm
we got nine million angleron ass onon the east coast. c right.ould that could potentially loseti their job. he alreadyally lose knew the lon up in maine. but the thing they're just soinh you know, seanat, is bidense whe relates to lobsters because when he goes to restaurants, they put rubberban ad over his claws so he doesn't grab any kids and sniff them. py >> oh, boy, i was very happy. the girl that directed in which way to go when he got off stage this week that at least shecteda directed him and distracted him and he didn't snifndf her hair.. that was a moment of relief for] me. all right, sir, good to see you back here. >> m. y right after this many holocaust survivors are impoverished and suffering today. you see names; thein their finas holocaust museum. >> in israel. you see the names, the faces of that were brutally murdered. to cries out to us, comfort r, comfort, my people.
11:55 pm
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11:56 pm
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